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Long Road Home

Three young recruits from Adderton, Vanak, and . signed up to fight a war in the distant city of Kaldroon for the good of their faction. Excited by the prospect of adventure the group treked for seven days to the east, to join other soldiers of Sommelt House. They expected adventure and glory, but they found a long, drawn out battle outside the walls of Kaldroon.

Each took a different roll in battle and each performed exceptionally. Vanak was a medic, both on the frontline and in feild hospitals. They fought bravely for almost a month as the war raged on and although many of their fellow warriors died, they were among the lucky few who survived.

Shattered by their experiences, but emboldened by their success, the recruits began their trek home with their friend and commander, Atlas Paldrin. Atlas is a hardy soldier, always ready to lead his troops into battle and to the local tavern. Together, the group have been trekking for a few hours, following a maze of paths through the forest. They are tired but alert for danger and so far there has been no sign of trouble… until they suddenly hear a shout from Atlas ahead of them…



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