Kaldroon is a city of turmoil. On the border between two great factions in the land of Adril, the town has been a melting pot of cultures and creeds for centuries. It was first settled as a small village over 500 years ago and has been growing steadily since then. The first settlers were half-elves, looking for a place of sanctuary, but after a hundred years or so other races began to settle there, as people forgot the persecution of years gone by.

It’s central location and good connections meant that Kaldroon has always been a city that has brought power and wealth to those who own it in peacetime. As such, it has often been laid seige to, especially in recent years by Sommelt House. However, the war of the past year has been the toughest so far for the city’s population, as they have even had to begin rationing food and raw materials.


Situated in the cetre of Adril, Kaldroon is a prime location for trade of various goods accross the land. Merchants bring cloth, metal ore and wine to trade with the local farming produce.


Kaldroon is currently run by Forwood House, although Sommelt House are currently laying seige.


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