Long Road Home

The House, the spell, the pool

….An elf answered the door. The sorceress, Eloni, was initially dubious about the parties intentions. After explaining the plight of Atlas, she invited the heroes in, to a welcome warm fire. After consulting a dusty old tome, and with the diagnosis from the party, she said, that Atlas’s chance of survival was grim. The only was to save him she replied, was the bathe him in a pool of life, to restore his body, the location of which she could scry within a few days. The second part was to cast a purging spell(to cleanse the curse), obtainable only from a nearby mage. This mage was an enemy of Eloni, and she asked that while they were in his abode, the party were to recover a pure flawless golden ring that had been taken from her by the mage, long ago.

Eloni gave Vanak a locket, by which she could communicate with him over any distance. She then teleported the party towards the rouge mage, to their surprise they landed in a corridor, with no way out, but onwards. The party came across an old rotting rope bridge, after Vanak crossed it, he was ambushed by giant frogs! Toyogawa skillfully leapt the gap and helped Vanak push back the horrid amphibians. The pair then helped the rest of the party across the bridge. There was a door to the north, the party readied itself for whatever was behind it, Toyogawa slowly opened the door……….



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