Long Road Home

Out of the darkness

…to the rest of the underground complex. They found a secret passage and a strange vase of acid, upon rounding the corner of the easternmost passage they came upon a great ogre.

The battle with the beats was fierce and claimed the life of Lugrid. Valiantly striking down the ogre with his bare fists with his last breath. The party said a brief farewell before opening the door it guarded and confront dreagon.

Dreagon refused to help or even talk to the party, so they broke in and defeated him. With his lab in flames, his guardians slain and at the parties mercy, dreagon had no choice but to give the party what they wanted. The party then recovered elanis ring and a scroll of woomroot cleansing. They then left by elanis aid.

Upon returning to elanis hut, they purged atlas of his poison, gave elani her ring back. They also met Ahnarra, one of the catfolk who was to be their guide to the pool of life, the final step to cure atlas.

Upon setting off for the pool the next day, they met a strange monk, who game Toyogawa an alchemy set, Vanak a prayer boon, and Ahnarra a trident. Puzzled by the this the party accepted the gifts and moved on.

Upon the road they came across some bandits at a river, by pretending the be travellers, They were able to suprise the bandits and overpower them, allowing the party to continue on down the road, towards the pool of life…



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